Balkansky's Coat Of Arms
personal project
 Per chevron Argent and Vert a bear rampant per chevron Sable and Argent armed and languaed Or.
Crest: issuing from a wreath of Argent and Sable a bear's paw Sable, armed Argent, holding a fang Or and spring of six oak leaves Vert, fructed Sable and Argent.
The heraldry traditions in Bulgaria can be seen far back in time.
However, there are a lot of different views about the modern ways
of the visual and symbolic implementations in one accurate coat of arms.
In this occasion I used the western canon of creating one accurate blazon.
This project was mostly fun and enjoyment of feeling enlightened
in such a fairy world. Soon I might make one drastic redesign, of course 
using the same blazon. Gratefully heraldry gives a lot of opportunities 
of dealing up with one blazon...
 The motto  "Смиреност. Сила. Справедливост", (menability, Strenght, Justice")
is gathering the mane principles of my 
words and actions. The crest is connected with two beautiful stories for valor and
manhood, refering to times, where the heroism is not about a choice, but a nature...  
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